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"I can’t believe the amount of value in the preview videos alone. Add to that the wildly reasonable prices on the courses. The courses here outshine anything on generic learning platforms (Udemy, Coursera,etc)." - Actual App Review

Boost Your Career

Imagine winking to your co-workers as you walk by your old desk to your new office. Your secret was short 3min educational videos (watched on lunch break) that helped you level up your skills and impress the boss. Your secret is safe with us ✌️😉

Life Changing Skills

Jack was living on his sisters couch. Now he runs a wildly successful digital ad agency. He’s donating money to charities now instead of being the charity. Nope, he didn’t go to college, he watched free courses on his phone from our app. 💪🏆

Build A Side Hustle

If teenagers playing video games online can make money on YouTube, surely you can too. If Youtube isn’t your thing maybe podcasting? freelancing? We’ve got courses on all the top side hustles. It’s time you earned some fun money in your life! 🙌

Original Courses Featuring the Worlds Best Mentors 

Available On Mobile Devices As Well And Any Device With Airplay Capabilities

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is a free download exclusively for high achievers. This application allows you to stream courses that you have purchased on your iOS devices. Requires iOS 10.0 or higher.

Android Devices is also available for Android. You can enjoy courses that you have purchased on your Android smartphone or Android tablet. Requires Android 6.0 or higher.

Smart TV Coming Soon!

Look for our next update that will allow you to stream right from your smart tv.  In the meantime, enjoy casting any course directly to your TV using Airplay or Chromecast. 

Tomorrow You’ll Have A Plan!

Maybe your life is fine. Maybe you don’t need to be mentored. But if you do, wouldn’t it be nice to know that tomorrow it actually happens. Download the app on iOS or Android and upgrade your life today.